Integrate HitPay with GoBuddy's account 

In GoBuddy Singapore account, you could opt to connect your HitPay account and collect the payment via PayNow (Singapore).  

How to Integrate?  

Step 1 - Visit your HitPay Account 

After logging into your account, click on ‘Payment Gateway’ on the left panel.

Step 2 - Click on 'API Keys' 

Copy the Api Key and Salt.  (The Api Key & Salt will be pasted on Gobuddy end.)

Step 3 -  Visit your GoBuddy account and click on ‘Payment Setting’

After logging into your account, click on ‘Payment Setting’ on the left panel.

Step 4 -  Click on ‘Connect with HitPay’

After clicking on ‘Payment Setting’, you will see a list of payment methods.  Click on the 'Connect with HitPay'. 

Step 5 -   Update your API key and Salt of your 

HitPay's account 

Kindly fill in the API key and Salt that you get from Step 2 and click on "Add Now".  Every HitPay account has its own API key and Salt. 

Step 6 -   Enable 'PayNow' 

a.  After connecting with your HitPay account, click on 'Edit'.  

b.  Toggle the button to the ON position.   

c.  The 'PayNow' payment method is enabled and click on 'Save'.     

Where to find 'PayNow' after enabling?  

Step 1 - PayNow is available on your GoBuddy store's checkout page 

a.  Please visit your GoBuddy store's checkout page and you will see 'PayNow' at the payment method part.  You could choose 'PayNow' as your payment method and click 'Purchase'.  

b. After clicking 'Purchase',  you will see the following page for making payment.  The buyer could scan the QR code to make payment. 

c. Once the payment is done, the order status on the buyer's GoBuddy account will be updated.