Create Online Webinar + Live Shopping

GoBuddy supports virtual activity by integrating video conferencing applications, Jitsi, on our platform. (To know more, you may read Creating Virtual Activity in GoBuddy )


Live Shopping is ONLY available for Builder Plan and Business Plan User.


You are able to host webinars or live workshops within GoBuddy. And now, we are enhancing your customers' shopping experience with our feature - Live Shopping.


You are able to connect your product with your live webinar and allow customers to buy instantly. This is an extremely useful function to attract your customers.

Step 1 - Create new virtual activities

Create your virtual activity and product for Live Shopping.

Step 2 - Create Live Shopping Session

Click ‘Live Shopping’ to enter the Live shopping setting. All your created Live Shopping would be here. Click ‘+ New Live Shopping Session’ to create a new one.

Step 3 - About the shopping setting 


You can select as many products as you need for this live shopping session. For each selected product, you have to set a live shopping price. And you are able to provide a discounted price and persuade your audiences to checkout.

Step 4 - Webinar and Shop

While you are interacting with your customers, they can select and purchase your product during your webinar. And Don't Worry, live shopping will not interrupt webinars. They are able to enjoy the webinar and shop at the same time!