Create Bundle Package

GoBuddy provides a Bundling Feature. It lets you create combinations of products and activities, fitting different sales strategies. You can create bundles to attract customers and you will be surprised your customers are actually happy to pay more.


Know more about these features in this article.

Step 1 - Where to add

Click Bundling Setting on the left panel.

Then click ‘+ Add New Bundling’.

Step 2 - Basic information of the bundle

Filling in all the required information. (What product to be included in the bundle, bundle name, quantity of the bundle)


In ‘Bundle event/activity’, you can select one of your activities as the core of your bundle.

Bundling core is only available for an activity at this moment.

Then in ‘Select Combination’, you can select at most 3 products to add to the bundle. After selecting the product, you can set the bundle price for each product, and the system will generate the overall bundle price. 





There is always only 1 unit of the selected product bundled only.

You may set the bundle price less than the regular price to have it as a bundle purchasing discount. It may attract customers to purchase the bundle.


Don’t forget to give the Bundle a good name to attract your customers.

Step 3 - Special Features

Description There is an option of enabling event delivery. As your product(s) may be bundled with one of your activities, you can let the customer pick-up the bundled product during the activity. 

Total Quantity means the number of bundles provided.

Purchase Quantity means the maximum number of bundles one customer can purchase.

For example, if you set the purchased quantity as 1, each customer can buy only one bundle.

Sample of the bundling feature 

Case 1if you are a fitness center owner, you can then create a beginner package and advanced package for these customer segments. It helps to show that you are taking good care of different customer groups.


There is a yoga mat bundled with the yoga class in the ‘beginner package’, while a yoga mat and an exercise ball are bundled with the same yoga class in the ‘advanced package’.


E.g. 1 Beginner Package

Yoga class (100) + Yoga mat (80)


E.g. 2 Advanced Package

Yoga class + Yoga mat + Exercise ball


Case 2 : Apart from the customer segments, you can also bundle the product by their similarity.

For example, if you are running a bakery and holding workshops, you can have a cookie bundle and cupcake bundle, respectively.