Cancel or Reschedule Booking

This article aims at guiding you through the process to cancel, reschedule or edit a booking.

Step 1 - Where to start 

Click on ’Scheduling & Appointment’ under ’Activity Overview’ on the left panel. 

Step 2 - Choose the correct option

Switch to the correct customer and click the 'Action' button. Then choose the correct option, you may choose to edit, reschedule, checked in or cancelled. 

[Edit]: You can edit customers' information, name, email. In case the customer entered wrong information when booking an appointment.

[Reschedule]: Reschedule this booking to another timeslot. Just select the new timeslot and date.

[Checked in]: Just record that customer has attended the service and for your own record.

[Cancelled]: Cancel this booking. You are opted to send a cancellation email to the customer.

Bear in mind, if you cancel all the booking at the same time slot, the calendar will not show any blocks for that time slot.