Manually Add Appointment or Block Time

If a client has made an offline appointment, or you are unable to provide service for a certain period of time, you can add it to the system manually.

Step 1 - Where to add 

Go to Schedule and Appointment and click ‘Action’.

Step 2 - Set up a new appointment

Click ‘Add new appointment’ to manually add a new appointment.

Select the appointment and enter customer’s information.

Step 3 - To block the session

Select ‘Block time’ after clicking ‘Action’. You may prevent customers from booking for a specific time slot. 


Recurring Timeslot: For blocking recurring timeslot. For example, if you would like to block every Monday for the whole month, you can enable a recurring timeslot, select Monday, and set Until Date.

Click 'Confirm' when you have finished adding the block time.