Create New Activity/Workshop

Add your first activity and promote it to the public. 

Step 1 Get Started

After logging into your account, you may click the 'Event and Activity' button on the left panel.


Step 2 Create & Edit

Click 'Create’ on the top right hand corner to create a new activity. 

You can manage the activities by clicking the button edit.

Step 3 Create a New Activity 

There are three steps of activity creation. Entering all information in the corresponding blanks to create and publish the activity.

The first step is to provide basic information about your activity.

It is required to have at least one Cover Image for your activity.

The second step is to enter the schedule of the event.


The third step is to enter the ticket type and the price.



If you are holding an online activity, you can choose either using our GoBuddy Online Stream(A link will be generated) or using other Platforms (you can provide the link here).

The activity information will be seen here and you may send it to the participants.