Discount for E-Shop

Setting up a discount for your products is easy! This article aims at guiding you through the setup process step by step.

Step 1 - Click on ‘Discount Profile’

After logging into your account, click on ‘Discount Profile’ on the left panel.

Step 2 - Click on ‘Create Discount’

Click on ‘Create Discount’ in the top right corner.

Step 3 - Choose your discount method

Choose your discount method. 

Auto Discount: Discount will be applied automatically once the order has fulfilled the criteria.

Discount Code: Customers have to type the code in order to use the discount. You can create the discount code when you have this option selected.

Step 4 - Enter the discount name

Enter the discount name. For example, ‘buy 3 get 1 free’, ‘early bird discount’.

Step 5 - Apply discount to entire order (skip to Step 6 if not applicable)

Entire Order’: Customers will receive a discount for the whole order, ie. all items when they checkout.

In the ‘Apply To’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Entire Order’.

Step 6 - Apply discount to specific products

‘Specific Products’: Customers will receive a discount for specific products that you selected. It can be applied to all products. 

In the ‘Apply To’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Specific Products’. Choose ‘Apply to all products’ when applicable.

Click on ‘Browse’ and select the products that you want to add to the discount. Click ‘Confirm’ to save your changes.

Step 7 - Choose discount type - percentage or fixed amount (skip to Step 8 if not applicable)

You can choose to apply a discount as a percentage or fixed amount.

Fixed Amount’: Absolute value discount, for example, $50 off.

Percentage Amount’: Percentage discount, for example, 10% off.

Step 8 - Choose discount type - ‘Buy X Get Y’ (only applicable to ‘Specific Products’ discount)

You can choose to apply a discount as a percentage or fixed amount.

Buy X Get Y’: Create buy X get Y discount, for example, buy one get one free / buy one get one 50% off. 

Example: If you would like to set Buy 2 Get 1 Free, then you should input "Customer Buys Quantity" as 2 & "Customer Gets Quantity" as 1. Select "Free of Charge" below.

Step 9 - Set validation period

If this option is enabled, you can input a start date and end date. The discount will only be available in this period of time.

Step 10 - Set limitation

You can limit the total number of times that the discount could be applied. For example, if you set it as 10, the discounts could only be applied for 10 times. 

Step 11 - Save your changes

When you have finished setting up your discount, click ‘Save’ at the bottom right corner.