Build Your Product Collection

'Collection' minimizes the searching time for customers. They can search their interested products directly through the collections you have created.

Step 1 - Click on ‘Collections’

Click on ‘Collections’ in the left panel.

Step 2 - Create a new collection

Click on the ‘Create Collection’ button on the top right corner.

Step 3 - Enter collection information

Enter your collection name and upload a collection cover photo (optional). Click ‘Save and View Product’ to move on.

Step 4 - Browse collection products

Click on the ‘Browse’ button. Once the window pops up, tick the checkbox on the left of your selected products.

Click ‘Add’ at the bottom right corner of the window to add products. Finally, click ‘Save’ at the bottom right corner to save all changes.

Step 5 - Change your collection settings

You can change the settings of your collection. Hover over the right of each collection to reveal more actions.

'Edit Product': Add or remove products inside the collection

'Edit Collection': Change the name and cover image of the collection

'Unpublish Collection': Hide your collection from your customers

You can delete your collection by clicking on the red icon on the right.