Set and Edit Different Tickets

When you organize a new activity, you can create various ticket types to cater to different groups of audiences. We will provide some tips on ticket types creation.

If you would like to create more than 1 ticket type, you have to upgrade your account to a business plan.

Step 1 - Set Your Ticket 

Click the ‘+’ button on the top right corner to create a new ticket type.

Ticket Name: give a clear name and attract your audience immediately. For Example, “Early Bird Ticket”, “Couple Ticket”, “Family Ticket” e.t.c.

Ticket Description: Tell your audience what would be included in these tickets. For example, “These tickets include 2 sets of materials and dozens of cookies.”

No. of Participants[per ticket]: How many participants are included in this ticket. For example, if you have a “couple ticket”, then you may enter “2”.

Ticket Quantity: How many tickets are provided in total. 

Step 2 - Set Privacy

The final step is to set the privacy for your activity. You can set it as:

1. Both my website & marketplace: It means the activity will show on both your subdomain page and GoBuddy Marketplace. And your audiences can register from both places.

2. Only my website: It means the activity will only show on your subdomain page.

3. Anyone with the link: It means only people with the link can access and register for the activity. 

Step 3 - Edit ticket details

 To edit the details of the tickets, you can go back to the place where you set the ticket.

Click the setting button.

You may edit the tickets here.