Setup Your Subdomain Layout

The subdomain is where you could find your company profile, shop and activities. Activate your subdomain in these simple steps!

Step 1 - Go to Community Profile

Log in and go to ‘Community Profile’.

Step 2 - Click on ‘Activate Subdomain’

Click on ‘Activate Subdomain’ next to your profile name. [If you have already activated, you may skip to Step 4.]

Step 3 - Customize your site address

You can customize your site address. There is a chance that the subdomain name you input is already in use, please change to a new name if so.

Step 4 - Preview your subdomain site  

After clicking ‘Activate’, you will activate your subdomain. You can click ‘Preview my Site’ to visit your site. If you have created a subdomain before, click on the link below your profile name to visit your subdomain site.

The landing page would look like this.

There are pages for your Product and Activities, respectively. Your published products or activities would be shown here in your subdomain.

Step 5 - Customize your subdomain site

You can edit the banner of these pages as follows. Click on the ‘Business Advanced Setting’ button in the ‘Community Profile’. 

Upload your banners to the respective pages. The suggested Banner size is 1080 * 250px